Damini Lightning Alert Application

Lightning Alert App: Damini Application is Government App for Lightning Alert. The app is tracking lightning activity in all of India. Basically, it’s an Alert Or Alarm tool about lighting happening.  Here we Know All Details About the Damini app. 

Damini Lightning Alert Application 2022

With This App you get Singal in Your Phone About Lightning Before 15 20 minutes. App Size 3.05 Mb It’s Free to use. Has 3.8 ratings and 4000+ reviews. Popular apps on the play store for Lightning Alert and its government projects. 

Damini : Lightning Alert App

Lightning is A Natural disaster the population density, literacy rate, and urbanization of the region along with lightning density and orography of the area play a major role in the number of lightning deaths in the region. Damini apps notify you about current lightning around you.

Specifically the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra show the highest deaths due to lightning in India. So the Damini app helps us. Most parts of India experience thunderstorm activity some or the other time of year. Climatology of thunderstorms over the Indian region shows that during pre-monsoon months thunderstorm activity is maximum over south India.

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