How to Sell Coins Notes 2022: Earn ₹3 lakh from 786 notes rupees

The time has come to sell old notes and coins. In earlier times people used to collect old notes and coins, give them at a fixed price. But in today’s time, those who have collected old notes, now their era has come, now lakhs are being earned in exchange for old notes. Even you can get the asking price. So friends are not interesting things! If you want to know the complete information, then read the post till the end, and you may also become the owner of lakhs of rupees through this post.

Earn ₹ 3 lakh rupees from 786 digit note In today’s post, we will give you information about the old note especially. The note on which 786 numbers are written, everyone considers this note valuable and people of every religion consider this number to be very special, that is why the customer who sells the 786 digit note in exchange should get a lot of profit. has been If you also have 786 digit notes, and want to earn lakhs of rupees by selling, then read the post till the end.

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How to sell coins notes ( earn money )

Do not pass the time at home, this work- friends, if you are sitting unemployed or you do a job but you want to do something in your free time, then you should check that you do not have any old notes, at present. People are becoming millionaires by selling old notes. So if you also have old notes then you too can become millionaire very soon.

You can find out in your relatives and friends and mutual. If someone has old notes, then it is possible that he can sell that note for lakhs of rupees. At present, the 786 digit note is dominant. Everyone wants to buy 786 digit note.

Which notes should have 786 digits

Friends, a question must be coming in your mind that in the olden days, many notes were issued, so which note of the old era has to have 786 digits, only then you will be made a millionaire in its return. Let us tell you that if 786 marks were found in old-fashioned notes of ₹ 1, ₹ 5, ₹ 10, ₹ 20, ₹ 50 or ₹ 100, then you can be given lakhs of rupees in return.

Indian citizens are fond of collecting old notes: In our country, not from today, but many years ago, people are often fond of collecting old coins and notes. knew and today its value is known to every citizen, and doubts that I wish those old notes were with him. If you also have 786 digit old note, then through the process described below, you can also sell these notes and earn lakhs of rupees.

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How to sell notes 2022

Sell ​​old notes like this: Friends, if you have also collected old notes and you want to earn lakhs of rupees by selling them, then you can do this work online sitting at home. Below we have told how you can get lakhs of rupees by selling old notes.

  • First of all you have to visit the website whose link is given below
  • Now you have to register yourself on this portal
  • Keep in mind that you as a seller have to register
  • Now you have to login to this portal
  • Now you have to upload a photo of whatever note you are keeping

Now after this your work is over. Now those who are fond of buying old notes will see your note on this portal and will contact you if they like it. You can easily make a deal to sell the old note at a fixed price.

Sell old Notes : CLICK HERE

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