Wow, Gujarati did a great job, made it from clay, R.O. The system, even if you pour cold drink, water will be gone, watch the video

There is a treasure trove of art within Gujarat and Gujaratis, there is an art within many people in Gujarat that we are overwhelmed by seeing. Today many arts have become extinct and many people have given up their art and stuck to other works.

One such art is pottery. Many people may have seen pottery, in which the potter worked hard with his own hands and made the pot. Potters make not only pottery but also many other things from clay and sell them in the market. We also admire this craft when we see these things made of clay.

At the present time, the pollution has increased so much that people have to resort to ROs to get clean water in their homes. The system is also inhabited. The cost behind the RO is also very high and there is no 100% guarantee that the water will be purified from it. Also, we fill the water bottle from the RO of the market and put it in the fridge, so the water cannot be said to be pure again.

Then the potter also found the solution to this problem and R.O. Created. A video of which is currently going viral on social media. RO made of pure clay inside the viral video. It is seen that even if you put cold water in it, water will come out.

The viral video shows the clay’s RO. Divided into two parts. In which there are only two pot-like parts made of clay, but these are not round, they are elliptical. At the top you will find two filters. In which water has to be filled. A faucet is placed at the bottom.

🔴 ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The water from the upper part is filtered and comes to the lower part and this pure water can be taken out through the tap. The special thing about this RO of clay is that this water does not even need to be taken out of the RO and put in the fridge, as this RO is made of clay and gives natural cooling.

Credit – Instagram / @nirav_patel_shyam (video Source :

According to the video, this RO of clay. It is found inside the Chamunda Matla Bhandar on Pethapur-Mahudi Road in Gandhinagar. The cost of this RO is also very cheap. The R.O. Getting only 600 to 700 rupees. It can also be seen inside the video that a lot of things made of clay are also present here.

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